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American Elizabeth.Arden (Elizabeth Arden): As early as in the 1920s, EA has a world-renowned brand, once monopolized the entire senior beauty skin care market. Generation sexy goddess Marilyn Monroe's beauty case standing Arden eye shadow, lipstick. In the beauty session diversified today, EA is still maintaining its traditional features, some clever use of the product, still amazed. Town treasure card: 8 hours moisturizing cream - one of the products of the brand is the oldest, has been more than 74 years of history, known as "universal cream". Can be used for the face, eyes, lips, neck and hands, and you feel a dry place. The degree of moisture is very durable and effective, it is in addition to fade scars, unexpected repair skin elasticity efficacy.

France Clarins (Clarins): the French Clarins Since its founding date, adhere to the R & D philosophy of pure plant skin to win more and more women in the world, by virtue of its 40 years of skin care, slimming experience and superior efficacy, trust and welcome. Town treasure card: Facial, Body Treatment Oil - the CLARINS 3 facial treatment oil, body care oil since the brand was founded, has been in use ever since, for more than 40, more experienced numerous innovations, making the formula more polished The effect is even more remarkable. The all-natural ingredients for the skin of the whole body to provide the mildest natural care.

Guerlain (Guerlain), France: GUERLAIN modulation perfume started in 1828 by Mr. Pierre Guerlain handedly created so far, more than 170 years of history. Superior quality to stand out from the many perfume brands Guerlain. Guerlain from the beginning of creation magic spices recipe - Tonga beans, jasmine, roses and iris, Guerlain perfume aroma mark. The town treasure card: Meteorites powder - alone box Symphony meteor modification powder, Guerlain rose in the global visibility. Add rosy pink, green dilute redness, pleasing, bright, golden ribbon with pearl crystal gloss white. Multicolor staggered so that his face revealing infinite charm; through silty, with the misty beauty of makeup. The little of dozens of pieces of pink beads, women radiant, has become a series of best-selling products of Guerlain years.

France Sisley (Sisley): the SISLEY founded in 1976, is a family of French nobility makeup brand. Inception, the entire brand is very low-key, the customer base is also limited to the number of upper-class aristocratic circles. Until the end of the last century, SISLEY began worldwide Public Offering pure plant extracts is the brand of the conduct of the Town treasure card: Almighty emulsion - the SISLEY the world's best-selling product one, it uses a variety of plant extracts prepared from pleasant scent, wipe the face is very easy to be absorbed, but also promote the skin of other maintenance double absorption of goods, although the price is not cheap, but its superior efficacy, or as many women love in my heart.

BoBBiBrown (referred to as BB): individual make-up brand head, make-up artist, best-selling author of the BB brand founder Ms. BOBBI BROWN, since childhood like depiction painted paintings cosmetics for their parents. BB brand, in 1995 the U.S. Estee Lauder Group merged since embarked on the road of international development. BB's philosophy is: let every woman have done she is the most beautiful, most natural state. Therefore, the brand of makeup colors without fancy colors most basic, the texture is addictive. Town treasure card: strip foundation - BB FOUNDATION STICK foundation bar, texture people marvel super the concealer force and very natural-looking financial as a cast will not have the slightest sense of heavy, gently wiped both can be integrated into the skin pores, fine spot suddenly disappeared, so that the face as smooth as porcelain soft.
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A lot of girls, she is an absolute standard, can be the face of excess flesh is nowhere to hide, worried to the extreme. Face fleshy lovely and always make people feel energetic, hearty impression, but the lack of a graceful beauty, face-lift of course, is an effective method, but not overnight can achieve the effect. Makeup tips, you can immediately build a handsome beautiful Bride. Xiaobian collected some round face women makeup tips, round-faced women who like make-up, come with me.

Foundation, can be used to manufactured cheeks shadows, make a round face slim point. Choice of dark shades of foundation, along the forehead near the hairline down the narrow and smear from the area smear to the cheekbone men can be widened, causing facial brightness gradually concentrated below the cheekbones in the nose, lips, chin near the site.

Use dark foundation, so a round face will feel more slender, three-dimensional, the use of the visual effects of light and dark color, to plastic face angle. Strengthen the T word parts, in the part of the forehead, chin, modified with bright colors. For example: in the middle of the chin and forehead plus white makeup.

In order to strengthen the effect was small round face shape, makeup focuses modified outline the overall face looks close to the oval type. Facial shadows should slash-shaped smear, the nasal use the same shadow color, use dark foundation cream to performance. Brighten the range is slightly narrower, so as not to face a feeling of expansion.

Makeup surface, pay attention to the makeup brighten and repair of Shadow processing, may be appropriate under the eyes brighten the extension, enhanced brighten the cheekbones, on both sides of the lower jaw part repair dark, thus avoiding the round face facial fleshy feeling enhanced three-dimensional facial, Of course, there is an important site, is to brighten the nose may be appropriate to extend so slender face shape out how to make a round face the MM will want to teach a round face Kane! can bring you useful knowledge of fashion!

Round face, painted blush, should be used straight lines to increase the sense of slender face will blush to slash the painting, with large stucco dipped blush, the excess powder shake off and then by the zygomatic bone to the central face brush, to avoid color overweight.

Makeup can use darker trimming cake (blush) brush dyed, long lines emphasizing the vertical line tune elongate a round face, cover up too childish round face feeling. Round face women how to brush the eyelashes, outer eyelashes painted a darker mascara and brush out, will make the eyes look Hidenaga.
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Makeup bare essential cosmetics devaluation BB cream now own with the mystery is still the red that support personal feeling good, cheap and convenient, usually water and milk spread evenly isolation skincare face immediately pretty much, mm can gotry

Of course, now available in the market there are many brands whether big or no-name has little expensive BB Cream Make up forver liquid foundation I think is just fine. If it were cheaper to buy Korean goods I think Korean cosmetics or very good at least it is suitable for the Chinese mm, the skin is the most important with the European big cheaper than many.

Speaking of nude makeup step, I think everyone cosmetic skin care approach is not the same as usual skin care is very important and, conditions permitting, the make-up of the former to be a mask, Even better cosmetics and makeup, but no good soil can not reflect the best effect.

Mm can also base, I used to hand directly applied practices is pressed and then massage, especially around the eyes, not to pulling force, in fact, whether it is the foundation or BB cream, are pressing the results were quite good, love and health with a sponge.

Coated with loose powder, in fact, can also use powder, but the personal feeling pressed powder makeup being relatively heavy, the painted eyebrow eyeliner mascara say it on the special complex.

4. The eye shadow Individual or recommend painting a touch of eye shadow to brighten the corner of the eye, for example, pearl nose in the eye high light area now.

5. Suited to their complexion and overall sense of blush hint of hit the laugh muscles or generally buy loose powder when you pick pink so can act as a blush to make you look more natural.
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